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Frequently asked questions

Where and how do I pay
When making a reservation on the website you are offered a choice. You can either pay with Ideal or when boarding. We don’t have the option to pay with card.

How strict is the departure time?
The boat leaves exactly on time, so we advise you to be on time and be mindful of possible traffic and parking time.

How accessible is the boat?
The saloon boat is easily accessible as long as you have no trouble walking. Elderly people that have no trouble walking should also be able to access the saloon boat. However, it will be impossible when it involves people in a wheelchair.

Is it mandatory to make a reservation?
No, it is not mandatory. However there is a high demand for these boat trips so we advise you to secure your spot by making a reservation.

Are pets allowed?
During the trip there are no pets allowed.

Is there enough parking space?
Near the boarding area there is enough parking space.

Can we sit indoors and outdoors?
The boat has no inside or outside. Though the sides can be rolled up, there will always be a roof so you won’t be exposed to the burning sun. You will be sitting low near the water so the experience is wonderful.

Is it possible to board at a different location along the Vecht?
You can board at any desired location as long as there is the opportunity to do so and if the skipper thinks it’s safe to do so. You do need to be mindful of the docking fee.

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