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Our fleet

Our fleet consists of De Kampioen, Swaenenvecht, Zuylenburgh and the sloop Mevrouw van Santen, these belong to the generation saloon boats from the previous century on the Vecht but also in the north and west of the country.


Common characteristics of these saloon boats are the rather slender construction of the hull and a beautiful structure of usually teak or mahogany.

The saloon boat was popularly known as a “notary boat” or “doctor’s boat”, a name still used by many. As these nicknames suggest, the first users, mostly the clients to the construction, were members of the well-to-do bourgeoisie. They usually determined how they had their saloon boat was built and set up themselves.

The notaries, doctors and lawyers initially used their saloon boat as a practical means of transport towards their clients or patients. But soon the boat got a second goal: relaxation! Especially during the weekends. Where family, friends and relations were invited for a pleasure trip on the saloon boat while simultaneously boasting in public. The saloon boats were extremely suitable for passenger transport over the Frisian lakes, sailing on the Vecht or through the Amsterdam canals.

Originally, our saloon boats did indeed serve as a notary boat. The times have changed since then, but the charm of the saloon boat has remained. And our boats transport people again! We hope to continue to welcome many guests on our ships!

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